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As the owner of sida yoga, Victoria is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance. Based in Dorset, she mainly teaches Restorative, Alignment and Vinyasa classes using yoga props to allow safe progression and deeper exploration of poses.


Victoria has travelled all over the world practicing yoga for the nearly 10 years. She is now based in Dorset, England, teaching individuals and groups. Victoria is able to offer a refreshing and energetic style of teaching focusing on the ‘feel good’ factor yoga provides.


Victoria works with her students closely to determine each individual need and develop tailored practices to suit all requirements. Keen to make yoga accessible for everyone, Victoria’s classes are multi-level from beginner to advanced.

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Product Review: Liforme Yoga Mat

Choosing a yoga mat is as personal as choosing a watch or a new pair of shoes (in my opinion). A number of factors determine which one you buy, whether that be budget, eco-friendly manufacturing procedures or grip. I look for two main things when purchasing a yoga mat. I need really good grip (I do get my sweat on), and I need it to wear well, although this isn’t as important as grip. My first ‘proper’ yoga mat was a Lululemon mat and I still recommend those mats to …

In a world where you can be anything…don’t judge

‘In a world where you can be anything, don’t judge’ This isn’t another article preaching about how we all need to be kind to one another. In truth, I’ve had enough of it plastered all over my social media. Isn’t this common sense for most people? I actually find it bizarre that we now need to see this phrase in 2020, acting as a reminder of a very simple life lesson we all should have learnt by primary school. However, even though most of us know that we should all …

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The Dark Side of Yoga

Have you experienced any negative side effects to your yoga practice? Eh? What? A downside to yoga? Vic, what are you talking about? Hang up your mat and get out of town! Immediately. Before I lose all credibility, side note necessary. Yoga is AWESOME and is by far the best thing I chose to do with my life. From the wisdom and golden nuggets gleaned from others, to the turbulent path of postures ranging in difficulty (massively), for me the result has been one of deeper self-awareness, power and happiness. However, …