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bespoke yoga sessions

one size doesn't fit all

While our studio classes really do offer something for everyone, we know that sometimes you might just need that extra special class or programme that can be tailored to your own specific needs.

Whether it's a focused session to help achieve your own goals in private, a company and employee wellness plan or even a custom yoga retreat for a group of friends, we'll build a bespoke solution for exactly what you need.

private groups

Perhaps you're a group of friends wanting to practice just with each other, or a family looking for something more personalised and special, or maybe you're part of a society or club looking to add a fun activity to your social calendar.

Whatever your tribe, we have you covered.

Sida Yoga group friends party hen retreat private yoga session exclusive bespoke personal portland dorset weymouth small family club
Sida-Yoga-1-to-1-private-yoga-session-exclusive-bespoke-personal-adjustment-studio-portland one dorset weymouth victoria boast teacher lesson class help tuition workshop

1-to-1 bespoke class

Private yoga classes allow you to work according to your schedule at your own pace with a clear focus on your goals and needs. Whether it be building a safe and solid foundation to complement your regular practice, or advance skill based training, we can tailor to your every yogi need.

corporate yoga

We can help you to create a corporate wellness program to help reduce stress, improve morale and increase productivity. Whether taking place at our Portland studio or your own workplace, our office yoga classes will leave your team feeling refreshed and energised.

Sida Yoga corporate yoga employee staff wellness private group company session exclusive business office workspace programme custom bespoke victoria boast
Sida Yoga group friends special event sunset beach outdoor location private yoga session exclusive teacher bespoke unique travel plans hen do party holiday victoria portland weymouth dorset sea

special events

Maybe it's sunset yoga at the beach you're lookking for, or a private class for your friend's hen party, or even a special treat while on holiday - we can offer a custom class that's designed around you.


get in touch

Interested in our bespoke and private yoga options? 

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our customers tell us...

"Victoria provided us with an excellent session, despite the last-minute nature of our request.
She was able to quickly and accurately gauge our level of skill and determined what it was we hoped to get out of the class. She had us challenging ourselves and exploring our personal frontiers in no time, but kept us feeling safe, enjoying ourselves throughout.
Victoria seems to have a natural talent for doing this, and her skills and her genuine passion for yoga were very clear from start to finish. As the Sports Officer aboard a Merchant Navy vessel, I’ve organised many yoga sessions for the crew, but this was one of the most memorable and enjoyable ones we’ve experienced in a long time."
John N | bespoke company yoga class
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