Launching Sìdà Yoga online!

Due to the government restrictions in place, and to protect your health and wellbeing (as well as our own!) all our in-person classes are currently cancelled. However, I believe that during these extraordinary times we now need yoga more than ever.

In an effort to bring our community back together, you will be able to connect and check-in with sìdà yoga online through our selection of group and private virtual classes here.



Our private yoga sessions can be offered at a range of locations, including your own home or office – allowing you to focus your time and energy effectively during every class.

We also offer a range of regular classes at our partnership locations around Dorset:

logo anytime fitness sida yoga classes 101 masterclass dorchester half

Anytime Fitness, Dorchester – DT1 1GY

Weekly Yoga Classes


logo dorchester yoga therapy centre sida yoga classes 101 masterclass

Dorchester Yoga & Therapy Centre – DT1 1DD

Alignment Flow Yoga

Last Sunday of each month

logo active fitness clubs Weymouth Sida Yoga Dorset Classes

Active Fitness Club, Weymouth – DT4 8JE

Weekly Yoga Classes

Tuesday Evenings

Class Types

Alignment Flow

This flowing yoga class allows participants to connect deeper with each pose, become more aware of their body and optimise their practice. Focus is on the technical alignment of asanas, breathing and the use of props to help cultivate strength, stamina and flexibility. Alignment Flow is quite a strong and powerful class so previous yoga experience is recommended.

Alignment Flow is £8 per class on the last Sunday of every month at Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre



Therapeutic Alignment Vinyasa (TAV) is suitable for all levels. These three styles of yoga are combined to give you a varied class where sequences connect the breath and movement with an emphasis on body alignment. 

This class allows participants to connect deeper to each pose, become more aware of the body and optimise your practice.



With life these days getting more and more hectic, Restorative Yoga takes you on a journey of deep relaxation. Yoga props are widely used and poses can be done without too much muscle strength.

A restorative sequence usually involves just a few poses to allow you to completely relax and calm your entire body and mind. Classes can help relieve the nervous system, improve focus and release muscle tension.


101 Masterclasses

Our masterclass courses focus on bringing a more technical element to your practice so you can connect deeper with yourself and your time on the yoga mat.

These courses will be broken down into easy-to-digest chapters that you can then build on as you work your way through the course creating a solid foundation that will result in a more intelligent and safer yoga practice. Click here for more info…


Private Sessions

Whether it be a special occasion or simply that you want a class more tailored to your own individual needs, we can provide a customised service especially for you.

We can accommodate small groups, couples or one-to-one and can provide mats and equipment for your tailored class.

While there are designated slots for private sessions in the timetable above, we can also arrange a class outside these times for your own convenience.

Price will be dependant on group size and your own requirements, so please get in touch for more details.


Corporate Sessions

With longer working hours, often hunched in front of a computer bad work habits can take their toll on the body and result in more stress. While some stress is ok, too much can affect work performance and behaviour. 

Our corporate yoga classes are tailor made specifically for your business. We provide all the mats, equipment and expertise and you provide the space whether it be an unused conference room, larger office or common space.

All you need to do is get in touch to arrange your class choose the style of yoga you want us to teach. Choose from power yoga, stress relief yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, alignment yoga, general yoga, or weight loss yoga.

We can cater for up to 10 people and classes start from only £5 per person