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The first 10 minutes of every morning is usually the same, unless of course I am frantically rushing around to catch sunrise for a photography workshop and then its a case of finding pants rather than looking at my phone.

coffee-newspaper-newsI wake up and after a few curses to the alarm clock I check my emails and catch up with the national news. My standard precursor to ensure I get at least another few moments in my cosy bed. 

I often question why I even bother to read the news. It only ever puts me in a bad mood and I get sick and tired of the propaganda and of course everyone has an opinion on everyone and everything. Political madness, the world at war, tragedies and accidents aplenty, poverty, pain, and sadly quite often, downright evil. If the last year or so has taught us anything it seems that even the unexpected should be expected, and if nothing else we truly are a world divided more often than not. 


I am super reluctant to talk about this kind of stuff. My social media deliberately remains unpolitical as I mainly like to keep things as lighthearted as possible. Although no doubt my online friends are beyond bored of my 600th picture of a glass of wine in the sun, the standard ‘I’m off abroad’ selfie or a new yoga pose I found online, but hey at least I am not bumming anyone out.

Anyone with a Facebook account really cannot avoid the news. We all have friends who share a news post announcing the death of a beloved celebrity or some catastrophic event that seems to succeed in dividing us more than it should. Within minutes of a tragedy or some sort of attack the entire world knows about it, ready to form very quick opinions and often choosing anger over any feeling that actually helps. 

There are people however, who actually show that human beings are capable of extraordinary love even when for many it is hard to rise up in the face of something truly terrible. I’m not talking about those who change their profile pictures to a relevant symbol or flag and express condolences through social media – I am talking about the people that actually DO something. Those people who offer their homes as a safe house to strangers when some madman has decided to blow himself up, or those people who run towards danger hoping to provide comfort or assistance to those in dire need of it.


If the last few months has taught me anything, it’s taught me to be more like those people. I will try to love more, even when I am angry. I will try to help more, especially those who are worse off than myself. My door will be open to those who need it and I will aim to be a better, more giving person.

This starts with my new Charity Yoga Project which will not only aim to raise much needed money for worthy causes but also helps more people get involved with yoga. On Father’s Day this year we ran our first Charity Yoga class for Dorset charity Julia’s House Hospice. There is no fixed price for a class, people can just turn up and pay whatever they like to join the class. ALL proceeds then go to charity. 

This really is a cool way to bring the local community together and gives people a taste of the wonderful world of yoga. Get together, get healthy and do something great for charity. We need to balance all the bad stuff we hear about everyday with something truly good. I need to read more happy stories over my morning cuppa!

hand-support-each-otherAre you a charity looking for help fundraising? Maybe you are part of a support group who feel that yoga would help your members? Maybe you are a company who are looking to do a charity event yourselves? Get in touch and maybe we can assist you with your next event! Whoever you are and whatever your story, we would like to hear from you.

Let’s make the world a better place, one asana at a time!


Vic xox

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