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sidayoga great wall of china jump victoria yogaI will try to keep my first post short and sweet but first and foremost, welcome to my blog!

This is a place where I can share with you my passion for yoga and hopefully inspire and motivate you to join me on the mat. I know many people who are intimidated by yoga’s image and put off that they might not be fit enough or ‘bendy’ enough. Then they hear their first Sanskrit word and that’s it – ‘Savasa… what now?’.

Well don’t be intimidated, yoga is awesome and just because you might have seen pictures of people in the splits or with their legs around their head it’s not all about that. With only my fingers crossed, I hope I can dispel some of these thoughts and convince you that yoga is something you would like to give a go. dancers pose yoga selfie sidayoga iPhone alignment victoria

To be perfectly honest I am not the most spiritual person in the world. I struggle to get my head around yoga philosophy despite picking up countless books trying to understand it. I am also a sucker for a nice glass of wine, which isn’t exactly in line with a yogi diet, and I have never really been a believer in depriving myself of things I like or want (just take a look at my shoe collection). We are only human after all and life is too short to pass up delicious things. I guess that’s what makes this blog a little different. I will be spending the coming weeks and months (and hopefully years) posting updates, pictures, tips and videos all with the aim of showing you yoga is for everyone.

Remember, be a warrior, not a worrier. Namaste Vic xxo


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